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Purse Stolen - A life happening

Hi there! Just a blog to say that I am not reachable on my phone 562.652.7374 or 312.766.1886. I made a quick stop to walk sailor in the park and my purse was stolen from my car. I heard the pesky car alarm and never dreamed it was mine. The perps did manage to spend $2000 at Walmart (hahaha) before I got to a phone (cause that was in the purse of course) to cancel the cards. The bank covers the fraud but WOW! Police report complete and we know the Karma is coming person can be found on the Walmart surveillance films. We'll see what happens next.

Thank you to the universe for whatever great good this happenstance is bringing. I trust and release :-D.

I have Amanda as my only student tomorrow at 11 am. If anyone wants to join a pleasure or training sail last minute this weekend you can reach me at 323.823.1455 (Mom's phone).

Big love,


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