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Spiritual  Twist

A Personal note from club owner Captain Lynda.

Creating this club is a calling from spirit for me so I’ve found ways to honor that calling in setting up the boat. Specifically, I’ve learned that sailing has the unique ability to help women balance their masculine and feminine energies so you’ll see a description of divine feminine and masculine qualities painted right on the table in Leela’s main cabin. Also, the interior of the boat is painted in a masculine color on the starboard side (right) and a feminine color on the port side (left). This helps to remind us to stay balanced and embrace all aspects of the energies that support action, strength, peace, love and harmony in ourselves and on the boat.

Also, members have exclusive access to the club Blog where I'll be posting weekly on topics of healing, joy and personal development with a goal to support our joy in sailing. My intention is to help us all become the best version of ourselves as we connect with each other and the unique spiritual twist sailing offers.

With much love,


The Club is not affiliated with a religion and participation in short meditations is never mandatory. 

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