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Skills  Training
Record  Book

Skills Record Book Page 1.jpg

It's fun and functional to track your personal progress!

It's great feeling to accomplish 2nd Mate and then 1st Mate skill sets and your personal Record Book helps you track your progress.


Any sailor in training will be required to purchase one of the Record Books. Price is $22.


These booklets are invaluable for personally progressing in your skills, as well as providing documentation of your training to any other sailing programs you may enter in the future.

Here's how it works:  during training sails there will be sailors of different skill levels. We ensure each sailor is challenged to learn during each sail by tracking your skills training progress using your personal Skills Training Record Book. 

Each skill required for 2nd Mate and then 1st Mate is taught and then demonstrated by the sailor a minimum of twice before that skill is considered mastered and the sailor moves on to learn new skills.

The booklets are approximately 4" x 6", spiral bound and printed on water resistant paper hence the cost of printing is $22 each. You will buy your Record Book when you arrive for your first training sail.

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