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Here's what members are saying

"What I liked most about "TJOS" is the spiritual awareness presented by the Captain as well as the diversity and inclusion that allowed everyone to enjoy the outings. Although I'm much of a novice, I enjoy now knowing the technical terms and sailing lingo, I'm more aware of what it takes to actually sail!

The friendships I have gained allowed me a space to step out of my shyness and hopefully create some lifetime bonds! :-)


Captain Lynda's leadership & vast knowledge has always made us feel safe and well informed about every aspect of our sails. What can I say about our dear "LEELA"...hmm, have you ever walked into a space that made you feel calm, connected and aligned with nature? That's Leela in a nut-shell! :-)

To sum it up being able to set sail with a group of fantastic spiritually connected women has allowed me to open up more and take time to learn something new..about myself AND sailing. Whether it be sailing on the water  with wine & cheese, great convo's or enjoying the camaraderie at one of the fabulous "Dock Parties", I truly can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for me and TJOS!"

Rose A.


"I'm so grateful I found The Joy of Sailing club. I'm an experienced sailor eager to improve skills like docking, reefing, and crew overboard recovery. I also love to just relax and feel the motion of the boat and take in the wide-open space of Lake Michigan. And I made great new sailing friends! We share so many laughs and cheer each other on as we improve our skills and confidence, swim off Leela's stern, and sip cocktails on the dock. The challenging incidents--sudden bad weather, anchoring mishaps, accidental 360s--strengthen our camaraderie and make for great sailing stories. Captain Lynda makes it all possible. She meets us where we're at and encourages us to grow, whether through strenuous skill building or silly fun sails. We did a three-day trip across Lake Michigan and back that combined all these things! I can't wait for the next season's adventures."

Lise V.

"I do not know where to begin. I found The Joy of Sailing on a meetup message and I am so very grateful because Lynda Stephens created a place that felt like home for my soul. Devoted to providing women the experience of sailing with an emphasis on the spirit within us all and the universe. I have had so many wonderful times sailing, learning, and getting to know others that I cherish. This has been one of life’s highlights for me and I know it will be for anyone who joins us. Peace and Love,"
Jeanne H.

"Where do I even start? There are SO many great aspects of TJOS! I've been sailing for almost 8 years and 2020 was by far the BEST! I attribute that to my AMAZING experience with TJOS. Sure, I learned a lot and even pushed my comfort zone.  But for me, it was the people I met through the program and the friendships cultivated that made it so meaningful.   Captain Lynda and the crew have become my dearest friends in less than a year. We will forever be tied together because of our sailing experiences (whether casual sunset sail, skills drills or a mean lake crossing).   There is truly no other type of organization like this in Chicago.  I'm definitely coming back!"

Mel H.

I am a friend of Captain Lynda's, but that should not steer you away from this testimonial. My husband is a sailboat racer. He started racing about 6 years ago. We joined the sailing community and met a large group of amazing, down-to-earth people. Captain Lynda was one of them, and I'm so blessed to know her. I'm 41, and I didn't think too much about wanting to learn how to sail when my husband started racing. I didn't feel it was much of an option for me. It seemed too difficult and intimidating. I thought I'd just be the beer and snacks girl on the boat, which is also fine. This went on for a few years until Lynda had a vision for an all girl's sailing school. She talked it through with me and it made me realize, I can actually learn how to do this! I joined the school, took it for two summers, and now I've joined her club, (there's still skills training in the club, only if you're interested). I learned a ton. It's neat to learn and understand the terms for all the parts of the boat. You learn about wind direction, right of way, and safety. There's also those that aren't too interested in learning, and just want to have fun, she has options for that as well.


Now I'm a member of this club, meaning I can pay to sail with a group several days a week or as much or as little as I want. I have met amazing people, and become friends with them, we have an blast together all summer. Lynda is the best teacher. She has decades of experience, she is calm and patient with all of us, all the time, and she's extremely fun to be around. Going sailing, or learning how to sail with her company / group is more than just sailing and meeting people. It's also about finding true joy in something and living in the now. It's about letting stress go while you're on the water, giving gratitude and mindfulness in these sails, and being a part of something.  There's a lot of dock parties and fun events as well! Leela, the boat we sail on, is very special to all of us.

Liz K.

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