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About the  Club

Ahoy! I’m Captain Lynda Stephens. I, like so many of you, crave friendship, adventure and a chance to empower myself in new ways. After connecting to the divine during some deep inner work, I felt called to share my experience, my boat Leela and my time to create a whole new way for women to connect to each other, themselves and the universe. Hence, The Joy of Sailing Women’s Sailing Club was born in 2019. Since aligning with this spirit inspired idea, I’ve found the natural, fabulous outcome of healing, joy and growth for myself and others so incredible and I encourage you to join the adventure.

Our Purpose

  1. To open a space for women to enjoy the benefits of sailing in every way by providing boating lifestyle opportunities.

  2. To empower women to learn to sail and progress their sailing skills.

  3. To provide women with multiple ways to connect with like-minded women for friendship and fun.

  4. To help women on their journey of deepening their relationship with self, others, and the universe.

Club Description

The Joy of Sailing Club is an all women, members only sailing and friendship building opportunity provided in a safe, convenient, and educational environment. The Club program is designed for new and accomplished sailors to benefit from sailing skills training, pleasure sailing, camaraderie, and a spirit of enjoying the beauty of our universe.


The Joy of Sailing is an inclusive organization for all women-identified individuals. We welcome all women regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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