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Social  Program

The Joy of Sailing is more than training and sailing for fun, it's a space for women to connect. It's a space for us to increase the joy in our life. Plus, we get a chance to give back to the beautiful lake that provides so much pleasure and healing.

  • Tiki Fun: These are designated Friday or Saturday afternoon/evenings (once or twice per month) when club members gather on the dock for pot luck barbecues, fun and games and of course the chance to swap sea stories. Club members may invite a guests to join. You can sign up for this fun on the website; just look for the Tiki Fun dates.

  • Special Events: On the calendar, look for fun events like the Mermaid and Pirate parade, Incredible Inflatables Race and Air & Water show and sign up for the amazing fun!!

  • Harbor Clean Up Fun: Channel your inner environmental activist and join The Preservation Pirates for harbor clean up. Maximum two persons plus boat operator.

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