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Sailing   Program

For 2024, the sailing season is approximately

May 19 through October 6. Designed with

your need for a flexible schedule in mind,

each week during the season the club offers:

  • Three skills training sails; three hours each*

  • Two pleasure sails; three hours each*

  • Long distance sails; hours vary

  • Friends & Family Sails; 2 or 3 hours each

Each sail is a maximum of (4) sailors in skills training or (5) sailors for pleasure sails.

* Captain reserves the right to shorten the sail: If there are 2 or less sailors for training, session is 2-hours, If only 1 sailor for pleasure sail, 2-hours


Types of Sails

  • Skills Training – Captain Lynda (or other qualified captain) teaches the basics through skipper level skills and you learn at your own pace. Once you sign on for a training sail, you will receive the Skills Training Guide for 2nd Mate, and when you're ready, for 1st Mate.

    • Note: For all sailors in training you will require a Skills Training Record Book. This is an additional $22 payable on your first training sail.  

  • Pleasure Sails – Captain Lynda (or other qualified captain) takes members out for a fun sail. This is another opportunity to practice skills but only if you want to! No formal training provided on these sails. Everyone brings food and drinks and sometimes we swim! 

  • Long Distance Sails - A few times a season the club goes on 3-7 day cruises to Wisconsin and Michigan harbors. You can schedule to join one or all days using the calendar. For these days you are charged for 1 pleasure sail so you pay for 3-hours and get many more!

  • Friends and Family Sail – During these days/times any active member may schedule the boat for a private sail ($150/hr) at a 50% discount of $75 per hour. This gives members an opportunity to show off their sailing skills and enjoy the boat with friends and family. Arrange these sails with Captain, Lynda. Price is $150 for 2 hours and $225 for 3 hours. Bring up to 5 persons for sailing fun!

 Sailing Schedule - as always...subject to

change due to weather,

boat issues or schedule conflicts.

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