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The Joy of  Sailing  Club Membership

Thanks for checking out sailing membership. The Joy of Sailing is truly unique in all it offers AND the price of membership packages just can't be beat!

Become a Member


Meet the Membership qualifications and purchase a Package of Sails  and you’re in! 

Each Membership Includes:

Membership Qualifications

Sailing is both pleasurable and inherently dangerous as are most active sports. Below are the simple qualifications for membership that ensure your safety and your understanding of personal responsibility.

  1. Be at least 21 years of age

  2. Sign a  Membership Agreement - this is the legal stuff from our maritime lawyer. It includes the Club Guidelines.

  3. Sailors must be able to board and leave the boat without assistance. At this time we are not equipped to handle disabled sailors and recommend the amazing Judd Goldman sailing program for those with disabilities.

  4. Sailors must be able to understand and speak English for reasons of understanding and following safety commands.

Sailing Membership Package Pricing

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