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Lise is an official US Sailing Keelboat Instructor!

You heard that right! During the recent National Women's Sailing Conference Lise grabbed an opportunity for an instructor evaluation! I've been through that eval and let me tell you, it's tough. You are tested on sailing, safety and the ability to teach.

So very very happy for you Lise. You are an earnest and competent sailor and this new certification is the first in a line of accomplishments to come no doubt!

Love you Lise!

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A huge thanks to Lynda for alerting me to the opportunity! Yes it was challenging and I made plenty of mistakes, but did well enough to pass. We had to demonstrate that we could singlehand a Sonar sailboat (23 ft tillerboat with jib and main) in the following: figure 8 crew overboard rescue, quick stop rescue, sailing backwards, getting out of irons, controlled jibe, tacking, and smoothly docking and leaving the dock. Then we had to pass two multiple-choice exams, give short dockside instructions (e.g., how to safely operate a winch), and make two classroom presentations (I taught points of sail, then navigation). Pretty intense, but it was wonderful to have all female coaches and candidates to support each other.


Kristen Kochanski
Kristen Kochanski
14 de set. de 2021

Way to go, Instructor Lise!! You're an amazing addition to the sailing instructor community.

Respondendo a

Thank you Kristen!

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