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Extended Sail Saturday and Waukegan Rescheduled to 9/23 & 9/24

Ahoy, we have decided to try for next weekend for the overnight sail to Waukegan due to wind conditions and rain. That sail has one more spot open and you can sign up on the website. Please note, the boat can sleep 5 but sail 7. As of now we have 4 sleeping aboard and 2 ladies taking the train back to Chicago Saturday on arrival or after dinner. The final spot would be for a sailor that would return to Chicago as well.

Our pleasure sail for Sunday September 24 at 5 pm is still a go and there are 3 more spots on that sail.

This opens sailing for Saturday so we will do a 5-hour sail from 11 am to 4 pm returning to Montrose Harbor. Feel free to sign up for that Pleasure sail on the website.

Any questions, please reach out by text or phone 562-652-7374.

Helms Alee!

Capt. Lynda

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