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Update: The Joy of Sailing Goes to Florida!

There are two great opportunities to sail in Florida this winter!

1. 5-Day Catamaran Trips Key West to Dry Tortuga National Park (an island)

Book a spot on the 5 day adventure from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. Approximately $1,300 per person. Each trip will be 6 persons with 2 persons per cabin. Boat has 3 cabins each with their own head (bathroom)! We sail in the month of March and the only week we are avoiding is March 19 - 26 (ignore previous announced date) because that is "Spring Break" so the cost of the boat, the flights and any hotels is going to be way out there!

We will start the trip on Saturday and return on Wednesday. We suggest flying in on Friday, stay the night at harbor on the boat. You can fly home on the day we return to port but that's usually very difficult to schedule because after all, it is sailing!! Plus, if you fly to Miami and take the bus down to Key West and back to Miami, all that timing can get difficult to manage. There is an airport in Key West just be sure to book the flight later in the day, say 5 pm or after. Some may want to stay in Key West a bit longer to take in those sights. I am working with the company to see how much it would cost to stay on the boat if some want to stay aboard while touristing versus a hotel. Stay tuned on that front.

2. Training and Pleasure Sailing Ft. Meyers Florida January 1-18 and whenever we are not doing the above Catamaran trips in March, plus All of April!

Lynda will have a 32 foot Beneteau in Moss Marina and all are welcome to come on down, stay on the boat, do some pleasure cruising or sail training sessions, enjoy the sites in Ft. Meyers! Cost is $50/night to stay on the boat and $30 per hour for sailing. It doesn't get any cheaper than that to sail in Florida! If you prefer to have a captained boat for say a week where you can bring you friends/family and have the boat all to yourself, the cost would be $3,500 and we can talk more about what that includes.

If you are interested in either of these offers, please email me at and I will send along more detailed info.

Please note that all sailors who are not vaccinated will need to have a negative Covid test within 5 days of sailing.

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