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Trip to Racine Update

Ahoy ladies!

I have been tracking the weather and it looks like it would be even better wind to go up the weekend of the 15th. Right now we have Rachel, Kaitlin, Mel and myself scheduled to go up this weekend.

would others be able to join if we go up the following weekend instead? Right now the wind is supposed to be out of the west that weekend which makes it the ultimate sailing condition.

! please weigh in on whether or not you could make it next weekend. Would like to hear from you ASAP.

it can be a crapshoot of course because weather can change so let’s see what everybody thinks and we’ll go from there.

Thanks a bunch, Lynda

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Kaitlin Sublette
Kaitlin Sublette
Oct 05, 2021

I can also make it next weekend. In fact, that's even better timing for me. Keep us updated. Thanks!


I can still make it next weekend!

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