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Racine Trip Changed to 1 day on Sunday Funday

Since we had so much fun coming down to Chicago in three days versus one day this Spring, I so wanted all of you to have a chance for that kind of fun on the way back up but, alas, our truly best sailing experience is going to be Sunday and all in one fun day. It's 10 degrees warmer (68), wind is forecasted to be 12 mph and purely out of the West (our absolute fav speed and direction) so as of this moment, it truly is looking like a dream sail. Saturday turned out to be 5' waves and up to 24 mph wind so way less conducive (but still utterly sailable!) to a dance party on deck!

So who wants to join for what is sure to be a crowning jewel of a sail to end our season on Leela? This Sunday early dock call.

We can take up to 6 plus me and we already have Kaitlyn, Mel and Tory so 3 more spots available! Text me asap to let me know you wanna join!

Itinerary - Sailors can spend the night on Leela Saturday night to be there for early call


5:45 am sailors arrive at dock

6:00 am leave dock at Montrose

6:00 pm (depending on wind) arrive Racine: celebrate the long voyage / boat clean

7:00 pm depart Racine: Fast Food stop on the way or the rest of the sandwiches?

8:30 - 9 pm Montrose Harbor Arrival

Bring whatever alcohol you want to drink and a snack to share. I'm provisioning with the following for all crew:

Morning - Danish, Coffee and Fresh Fruit

Lunch - Premade Sandwiches: Ham & Cheese, Egg Salad w/onion, PB& Apricot J. (will bring multiples of each). Potato salad and Chips & hummus dip with feta and olives and pita

Racine Arrival - Champagne, cheese & crackers

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