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Quicky Update: The Joy of Sailing 2022

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Ahoy Sea Sisters! Just a note while I'm on the run. Our new season begins Friday May 20 with our Open House Kick Off Party under the Tiki Umbrella!

There are some updates needed on the website for date corrections and calendar scheduling that I will get to by end of next week. So for those that want to sign up for your sail dates, plan to do that starting April 22.

For 2021 members, you are invited to sail Leela down from Racine. My plan is to do boat work (you are all welcome to carpool with me and assist. It's fun and educational) starting 4/20/22. Leela splashes the week of 4/25. Target sail down date is Friday, 4/29. That will be 1st night Kenosha, 2nd night Waukegan, Montrose Harbor on Sunday around 4 pm. Max is three sailors plus me and conditions are like camping on the boat - fun fun. You can join for some or all so make your plans for the inaugural trip it's a woot!

Saturday, May 14 Midwest Women's Sailing Conference

The Joy of Sailing has a small sponsorship of this event and Capt. Lynda will definitely attend. There's some great seminars and awesome sailor girl on girl networking hahaha! It would be great to have a contingency from our club so definitely let Lynda know if you will attend. Click on the image below to link to the website with details on courses, speakers and fun.

More updates to follow. Remember to tell your friends about our fun club it's going to be an amazing year!

Signing off from sailing vessel StepNStone in Fort Meyers Beach FL. Love to all!

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