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Leela has arrived!

Phew, after unreal hassles with getting her mast back up with lights working and getting the new electronics installed, we can finally say...Leela is tucked safely into her slip in Montrose Harbor!

Mel and I sailed her down and apologies to all for not getting the word out regarding joining us for the sail down. Turns out instead of making it a 10-12 hour slog...we made a weekend of it on short notice.

It was the best Racine to Chicago run ever! We left on Friday and had a beautiful sail down to Winthrop Harbor where we partied at the Yacht Club. We met the Commodore and so many great new friends. On Saturday we knew it was going to be a rainy day schedule with the wind right on our nose so we motored 2 hours down to Waukegan. We met great dock mates who even ran to the store to buy us more wine! Then the harbor had a live band right near our slip. It was an amazing fun night.

We did do chores each day like finishing the carpet on the stairs, hanging the curtains, scrubbing the deck and down below, fixing the electric outlet, whipping the reefing lines and more!

On Sunday Lise and our mascot Sailor Girl joined us and we motored for about 3 hours til the wind turned to our favor and WA LA we could sail. It was a gorgeous day. So much so that when we arrived in Montrose Harbor - even after 6 hours on the water, we picked up Kristen and went back out for more. A great trip and BTW, we'll be doing it this way from now on -- a party trip instead of a 12 hour ordeal!

Remember to sign up for your sailing fun...Leela's ready!


Capt Lynda

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