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Leela and Schedule Update

Ahoy site members! Here's a before pic as the painting prep was underway. You can clearly see why I was motivated to give the decks a fresh coat of paint but I could never have imagined the work it would be! Good news is I finished up the boat this weekend. She is crazy shiny white now. You'll have to come to the Tiki Fun Party on the 22nd and check out her new look! Funny note: while I was painting I stepped back into the cockpit and put my foot right in the can of paint...a move straight out of Laurel and Hardey....hahaha.

As for the schedule...I got the word from Racine Marina that they have not done a bit of the work on Leela yet so her May 1 splash date has come and gone. The next target date for getting her in the water is by May 8 but I have serious doubts since critical items such as replacing her cutlass bearing (6 hours) and installing her new electronics (10 hours) must be done before she can float again. No worries, our official start date is the 22nd and she will be in Montrose Harbor before then! So for all those that want to join for the sail down from Racine, stay tuned for more blogs to coordinate that adventure!

Love to all,

Capt. Lynda

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