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End of Year Party Tomorrow Night - Details

Yeah! The time has come to put the final touch on our 2021 Season. We will have a "season in review", fun awards, a glimpse at the line up for winter and the all new "Sailor of the Year" award! Sea you there!

Columbia Yacht Club

Time: 7pm sharp - 10:30 pm

Confirmed: Liz R., Liz K., Lise, Mel, Kaitlyn, Renea, Rachel, Nicole, Susan,

Tory, Mom, Rosemarie & Lynda

Entry to the Club: Press button to left of door and announce "This is ____

guest of Liz Kalb"

Location in Club: We will greet you when you enter and show you the way

Issues/Questions: Call Lynda 562.652.7374

Food/Drinks: - Come hungry and thirsty the food and drink are great

- Bring a credit card and the server will hold it until you close

your tab

- The club does not take cash

- The club automatically includes 15% gratuity in your bill.

Additional tip is always appreciated


Columbia Yacht Club – 111 N. Lakeshore Drive. Use this address to get you in the general area but be sure to look at the maps below. The Club is on the big ship called Abbegweit shown below on bottom right.

From LOWER Randolph at the lake.

Notice that you turn left when Randolph ends but YOU MUST STAY ON THE SMALL STREET ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT . Follow the signs for Du Sable Harbor Parking ANITA DEE (B).

As soon as you turn that left, the first parking lot on left is for Columbia members. Keep going to end where there is a pay for parking lot under lake shore drive. Park in there. Walk toward the harbor and south to the Ship/yacht club.

If you get really confused go to the roundabout at end of Randolph (see the purple circle below) and call me. We will come help you. My Number 562.652.7374


Liz R., Liz K., Lise, Mel, Kaitlyn, Renea, Rachel, Nicole, Susan, Tory, Mom, Rosemarie

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