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Air and Water Show Fun

Ok, so to begin, I messed up and thought the A&W show was on the weekend of 8/14 & 15. A dock party was planned but alas, the show is actually 8/21 & 22. To boot, it's now reduced to a one hour fly by for the Blue Angels noon to 1 pm each day.

Good news is the dock party can still go on. The less good news, Leela and crew will be starting the 7 day Michigan Cruise on 8/20. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Tiki Fun at the dock. There's floaties and of course the BBQ.

If you will be enjoying the Angels from the dock or the Montrose Harbor Wall and you would like to party at the Tiki Hut, please let me know and I'll fill you in on how to plug in the BBQ.

Love to all,


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