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Ahoy 2023!

Hello new TJOS members and returning members! Just a quick update now and I will send more info soon.

Currently I am in the British Virgin Island wrapping up a month of cruising with three different groups who joined me this year! What an absolutely incredible time we had on each of the adventures. More on that later.

The plan is to begin the TJOS sailing season on May 27 for all new members and May 1 for all returning members. This is all pending weather and boat prep of course, but it gives us fun times to look forward to.

So, mark your calendars for the season opening Tiki Party on Saturday May 20. Also, I am changing up the sailing session days/times this year and will be working on that as soon as I return to the states. Once the update is complete you will be able to sign up for your sailing days, including overnighters and lake crossings!

Love to all....soooooo looking forward to our 2023 Sailing Season!

Capt. Lynda

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