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Inspiration for  The Joy of  Sailing

Creating a space for loving and learning sailing with a focus on fun, relaxation, spirit connection, skills improvement and even the achievement of becoming the master of one’s own boat is the divine purpose of The Joy of Sailing. The benevolent one source of light and love is the divine inspiration.

How it came to be

Have you ever heard the voice of your higher self? Some might call it “the loving encouraging voice in my head” (versus the condemning voice) while others simply feel they are channeling the one source of all that is, the great I am. What ever you call this inspiration that comes from above, it was this voice that called me to sit at my computer and formulate a women’s sailing program different than others I’ve seen.


Sailor Dad


Sailor Mom

“You are a synthesizer.” I have to come to know that’s what you call it when you take a doing thing that is usually non-spiritual and add spirit awareness. In this case, TJOS takes the sport of sailing and synthesizes it with a focus on mindfulness, awakening and balancing of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies within each of us (think Yin/Yang).

So here I am answering the call of divine inspiration and watching the universe bless this idea with all that we need and all that will create a space for joy, healing and learning.

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