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Co-ed Sailing Charters

The Joy of Sailing: Co-ed Sailing Charters

Have you ever dreamed of taking a sailboat charter? Maybe you're planning a romantic date, and you want to find co-ed sailing charters on Lake Michigan. A sailboat charter is an adventure where you can create lasting memories. And co-ed sailing charters offer time for singles to get to know other singles. Whether you take a sailboat charter as a couple or venture out solo, you're sure to make new friends.

The Joy of Sailing offers co-ed sailing charters for a relaxing day on the water. Co-ed sailing charters are a fantastic way to spend the day, especially on Lake Michigan. The Joy of Sailing offers a two-hour sailboat charter, swimming included during summer. Captain Lynda Stephens runs the sailboat charter. She holds a Master Captains License with Sailing and Towing endorsements and has First Aid and CPR certifications. So you can be sure you're in good hands.

Whether you want to book co-ed sailing charters for an adventure with friends and family or a solo adventure to meet new people, The Joy of Sailing is the place to find a sailboat charter that will get you out on the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan.

A sailboat charter offers a unique adventure. If you want to spend more time on the water, our co-ed sailing charters can also turn into sailing club members' training sessions. After all, sailing is something you'll want to do more than once. If you become a club member with The joy of Sailing, you'll have even more opportunities.

The Joy of Sailing offers co-ed sailing charters in Chicago, on beautiful Lake Michigan. We're located at Dock B on West Montrose Harbor Drive. Please book sailboat charters online. Or give us a call with questions.

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